Stone Ridge Exterior

Stone Ridge

Stone Ridge is a limited collection of 28 townhomes ranging from two, three and four bedrooms. Located on Seaview Drive, Stone Ridge sits in a quiet neighbourhood just minutes from the heart of Port Moody.

The modern mountain architecture is a nod towards Port Moody’s mountain setting. This type of architecture uses a variety of natural materials and an abundance of glass to connect its indoor and outdoor spaces. Expansive roof overhangs create a sense of shelter and define the entries to each home. Stone Ridge’s palette of materials include durable cementitious siding and paneling, cultured stone, and wood. The earthy tones bring a visual warmth to the exteriors, offering each home the authentic West Coast feel.

Stone Ridge’s location makes it easy to enjoy a quick getaway into nature, to the beach, at the off-leash dog park, or on one of the many local trails.

ClientAllaire Living
StatusCompleted 2023
LocationPort Moody, BC
Units28 Townhouses